Singer and tupan player, Maria Noel, was interviewed by American Robotnik on August 17th, 2012. The interview offers a glimpse into the birth of Kafana Klub.
K2 at Doug Fir Kafana Klub's May 2nd, 2010 appearance at Doug Fir with Krebsic Orkestar, Underscore Orkestra and Revel Me! garnered a standing ovation review by Ryan Rudnansky writing for Oregon Music News.

"Kafana Klub, a Balkan sextet, played next, spanning the globe musically, playing songs from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and Poland. Dennis Godfrey (gudulka, tambura) and Brent Geary-electrifying the audience with his furious violin playing- led the group, with Kathy Fors on accordion, Peter Whitmore on electric bass, and Maria Noel and Jill Poris complementing the music beautifully with their vocals. People danced and clapped amid shouts of "more accordion!" with Godfrey jumping up and down on the stage. At one point the "crowd snake" weaved up the venue's railing to the back by the bar then came back down on the other side to the stage, met with cheers. The band exited the stage amid grand applause."